An environmentally friendly frost solution, that delivers without the noise!

The SIS Frost Protection System provides frost protection solutions that are both effective and cost efficient. The system is being used successfully in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Europe, South Africa and South America. Depending on topography one of the units currently available in New Zealand can protect up to 2.5HA and at a capital cost from as little as $3000 to $6000/Ha.

The units have a low power requirement, most are driven by a 13hp single cylinder Kohler petrol motor but they can also be powered by 3-phase electricity, or run off the PTO of a tractor.
The biggest plus is the fact that they are quiet. The petrol unit measures 55dBA at 40 metres and the electric unit measures 55dBA at 10 metres.
our property's Frost solution requirements

To put this in perspective the background noise on a still frosty night in a rural environment is about 32dBA.In such circumstances a normal wind machine might be audible at 600 metres and an SIS petrol machine at 100 metres. The World Health Organisation lists auditory discomfort at 100- 130 dBA, physical damage of the eardrum 130 -140 dBA. Concerts are listed as 100 dBA, libraries are 40dBA and someone talking in a loud voice one metre away is 70dBA. Traffic on a busy road is listed as 85dBA.

SIS units are portable so do not require concrete foundations and on most of the units the cowling is made of rotationally moulded plastic. Cold air is drawn in through the lower grill at a rate of 35 cubic metres per second. The units are ideally suited to blocks that have frost pockets where the cold air naturally ponds. The machine acts like a plughole in a sink sucking the cold air in and allowing it to be replaced by warmer air trapped below the inversion. The makers say that in undulating topography an M3.5 unit can protect up to 2.5 hectares, but in totally flat and level areas units would be placed about 100 metres apart. Larger Units are available with approximately 7 hectare coverage.

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